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Advantages of Social Media For Business

social media marketingThe day has come where it’s no longer feasible to keep heads in sand when it comes to using social media to build your business.
What business doesn’t have a website to check out? Really, your company doesn’t have a Facebook page? Your career profile isn’t on LinkedIn? Who’s blogging and tweeting about your services… About you?

Luddites be warned. If traditional word of mouth and adverts in the local paper were the be all and end all of your marketing plan, think again.While the thought of plunging in to the waves of social networking can be daunting – the cost of turning your back on social media could leave your business washed up. Read the following social media marketing advantages.

Allow them to give you the gentle but firm shove needed towards new worlds of marketing opportunities.

Advantages of Social Media:

• It’s cheap – 75% of Americans have access to the internet. Can this marketing and research tool be ignored? What other medium allows no-to-low website start-up costs that provide businesses the potential to reach a global audience?

• Space – To extol the benefits of your services to customers. High resolution and color images can showcase products, making your brand visible – and attractive.

• It’s connected – Use your site to speak to other businesses and increase ‘online traffic’ back to your business.

• It’s instant – Quickly respond to customer demands and feedback.

• It’s not as hard as you think – Relatively speaking. Everyone seems to be doing it, so can it really be that complicated?

Maybe. In the interests of providing a balanced viewpoint, there are…

Disadvantages of using Social Media:

• It’s time consuming. Keeping your online presence and content up-to-date requires time and resources. However, not keeping up also has its cost.

• Unhappy customers can also post feedback instantly – and to a much wider audience.

But this is your business. Be bold. Get in front of the technological wave… Happy networking!

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