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Google PR Updated in December 2013

After all Google Decided to update its PR Algorithm after a long time that was not even expected by many as Matt Cutts recently updated in his Tweet that he will get surprise if it even gets updated in 2015 but now there are a lot of websites whose Google Page Rank is updated in […]


Advantages of Social Media For Business

The day has come where it’s no longer feasible to keep heads in sand when it comes to using social media to build your business. What business doesn’t have a website to check out? Really, your company doesn’t have a Facebook page? Your career profile isn’t on LinkedIn? Who’s blogging and tweeting about your services… […]


Role of a TEAM in the success of any startup business

Startup businesses are the most loved type of business by investors till the extent that some investors even prefer them over established businesses. They reason is of course obvious; startup projects requires least bootstrapping, higher risk and higher potential of return with the most important being the fact that startup business are designed for quick […]


How Internet Marketing can improve your Web Presence

Internet marketing, also known as online marketing, web marketing or e-marketing is when you market products, a company, or yourself online through the internet. Examples of this include a company having a website, a writer with a blog or other means of marketing. One of the biggest advantages of the internet is how cheap it […]


5 ways to reduce bounce rate of your blog

Bloggers are usually always have an eye on their blogs to the circulation, they are involved in all activities of these can generate healthy traffic to their blogs. Of course, unique content and using all the SEO tactics to improve the visibility of blogs are the best practices, but not all bloggers should rather be […]


Google Doodle celebrating Birthday of Gumby creator Arthur ‘Art’ Clokey

Stop motion animator came up with clay figure who had a 35-year run on television Gumby in a Google Doodle tribute to Arthur ‘Art’ Clokey Photograph: Google Google is celebrating the 90th birthday of the stop motion animation pioneer Arthur “Art” Clokey in its Google doodle. Detroit-born Clokey, who died in 2010, was best known […]


SEO For Images – How To Do It Right?

Any website on World Wide Web is normally a combination of different type of content. A website normally consists of text, images, flash animation and scripts. We all know the importance of content and text when it comes to white hat and efficient SEO practice. But it does not mean that we should totally neglect […]